• “We look forward to attending Bob’s Bonsai Classes. He is so knowledgeable, helpful and funny that is a pleasure to come to class."

    Loren B.
  • “I've never seen such a quality selection of desert roses in my life. I purchased some with unique root structures at reasonable prices. They'll be one of the highlights of my Bonsai collection.”

    Bob W.
  • “Living Sculpture Sanctuary is a place full of beautiful desert roses, hibiscus and bonsai. It is an ideal place to take your mind off your daily life.”

    Maria L.
  • "Business owners are very passionate about their Sanctuary. Family owned & operated, with love."

    Karen S.
  • "Just like Bali here!!"

    Wendi K.
  • "An amazing serene and beautiful place! Loved it"

    Sharon P.
  • "It is a spectacular venue- I'm going to tell everyone about it."

    Barbara P.
  • "Very beautiful and peaceful place...I love it."

    Rossana P.
  • "This place is truly unique and very beautiful very great energy here. I'm looking forward to spending more time here."

    Debra R.