About Us

Living Sculpture Sanctuary (“Sanctuary”) is a hidden gem, a retreat from the hustle of South Florida. Built by hand and as the fruition of its owners’ dreams, gentle water falls, bonsai and koi ponds emerge from its lush setting in centuries old live oak trees.

The Sanctuary is the love child of founders Mary Luz Rodriguez Alvarez and Robert J. McKee, whose paths crossed when their mutual love for nature and the environment brought their lives together. 

Mary Luz met Bob during his time at a previous law firm where he was the leading partner in charge of environmental claims. Here, Bob represented the interests of victims injured by others using chemicals, radiation, and other pollutants. 

From the moment they met, their passion for justice, hard work and shared love for the environment converged into a fulfilling, nourishing and ever lasting relationship. This relationship materialized the day they took their matrimonial vows on Sanctuary grounds. Their lives as trial attorneys are complete with the purposeful creation of the Sanctuary. This is a place where a sense of wellness and abundance can be experienced from the moment you walk in. 


The Sanctuary witnessed the blooming of Mary & Bob’s love as they built it to celebrate their life-long union in communion with Mother Nature, Family and Dear Friends. The Sanctuary has been envisioned with love, created for the unique purpose to spread knowledge for wellness and, to enjoy a state of balance and peace along with others in the community. The outdoor facility of the sanctuary was built by the hands of its founders with attention to every detail using natural elements for the highest good of all of those who come to enjoy its magic with us.

For whichever reason you come, the Sanctuary has what your heart needs; Be the powerful light you are meant to be.