About Us

Living Sculpture Sanctuary (“Sanctuary”) is a hidden gem, a retreat from the hustle of South Florida. Built by hand and as the fruition of its owners’ dreams, gentle water falls, bonsai and koi ponds emerge from its lush setting in centuries old live oak trees. Available for private events or as part of its offerings of mind/body classes and delectable grilled treats, natural appetizers and cold pressed juices, the Sanctuary awaits you.

The Sanctuary is family owned and managed by the husband and wife team of Mary Luz Rodriguez Alvarez and Robert J. McKee. Its concept is simple but unique as it encompasses a specialty plant nursery focused on bonsai, pre-bonsai and the nation’s leading breeding of Adenium a/k/a Desert Rose combined with a breathtaking events venue, where wholesome food and beverages are served in its Mother Earth Café, and body/mind classes are taught to bring a more balanced and fulfilling experiences, for its patrons.

Mary Luz is originally from Mexico and brought her talents to Florida where she studied to become a trial lawyer. Her multinational perspective and drive are bringing a new focus to the Sanctuary. A healer at heart, Mary is pursuing her dream to bring quality organic and natural foods and beverages to our clients at the Mother Earth Café. Along with nutrition, Mary is a Zen Pilates instructor that brings her gifts and meditative approach to class for a complete body/mind/spirit experience. In addition, Mary Luz is a marketing director, so look for her to host your special events, from weddings to corporate workshops or to enroll in one of our individual or group classes. For Mary Luz, the Sanctuary is an oasis of peace, harmony and happiness in which she has the opportunity of touching the lives of people in this magnificent place.Robert has his higher education in agricultural science and is a long-time personal injury trial lawyer. Now with Mary, he focuses on bringing justice to victims as a lawyer. He is also a life-long plant breeder and bonsai instructor, bringing those talents to their Adeniums a/k/a “living sculptures” and bonsai collection. The Adenium is called Living Sculpture due to its special caudex (trunk) characteristics that sometimes has human or animal-like forms. Its Caudex also serves to store water for long periods of time making the adenium a unique, resilient and beautiful cultivar. At our Sanctuary, Robert has hand pollinated for over ten years selected adenium cultivars from season to season and performed grafting onto a more valuable aged-caudex to achieve our current unique inventory of Living Sculptures. Purchasing one of our Living Creations brings you a plant which no one else in the world possesses.


Together, Mary Luz and Robert, are creating a team to serve and to delight your senses in a healthful and spiritual natural setting. Come enjoy the waterfalls and luxuriant plant life of the Sanctuary; Choose from some of the finest bonsai and Adenium in the world; Meditate in the zen garden and koi ponds, while tasting deliciously natural cold pressed juices, shakes, teas, coffees, and other treats from different places around the world. Host your own events at the Sanctuary including weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen and Quince to even corporate seminars, holiday parties, workshops and retreats.

For whichever reason you come, the Sanctuary has what your heart needs; Be the powerful light you are meant to be.