Living Sculpture Sanctuary is the preeminent nursery in the United States for the breeding of new and improved cultivars of Adenium, also known as Desert Rose. We have been breeding to enhance their colorful multi-hued flowers into a non-fading rainbow of colors. Ever since the first multi-layered petals mutated into existence in Vietnam, we have been making selected hand pollinated crosses to create new colors of rose-like flower form in both large and small-sized flowers. We are breeding to increase the amount of flower buds in an inflorescence group which increases flower density and duration on the plant. Since we are also specialists in creating amazing bonsai from Adenium, we are also breeding for very small sized leaves and flowers to fit the scale necessary for bonsai enthusiasts. This is a slow and painstaking process but the results have been superb to date. When you buy the selected seedlings and grafted plants from our intensive process, you will own cultivars not possessed anywhere else in the world.

FullSizeRender_4Fragrant Adeniums have been discovered as a result of our breeding process and are being used to create cultivars with scents that never previously existed in Adenium. The subtle fragrances currently mimic cinnamon, nutmeg and similar spices.

Our Adenium trunk, or caudex, will slowly form a living sculpture as it twists and contorts over time. Using potting techniques to accentuate this process, your Adenium will become an artistic horticultural masterpiece. Evoking images of wild animals or even humans in their form, these plants never cease to amaze!

BONSAI LONGApart from the use of Adeniums as bonsai, Living Sculptures Sanctuary offers other species of bonsai and pre-bonsai plants, ceramic pots, potting mix and tools. We focus on multiple tropical species including various Ficus, Bougainvillea, Elm, Grewia, Lagerstroemia, Juniper, Podocarpus, and others. Bonsai classes are offered on a private and group basis. Come see our collection and bring this meditative horticultural art and practice into your life.






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