Earth Day

20160427_121328As we celebrate today, the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, it is the perfect time to remember our mission in life, — to be happy. There is no simpler path to happiness than by the unified protection, promotion, and respect for our beloved planet, as we, both individually and collectively, are its sole guardians. Mother Earth, — the most precious of our living creations, and without which life could not exist, desperately needs our help. Please do not underestimate your power and contribution. Within each of us lies a divine force capable of becoming a catalyst for change. Working collectively in brotherhood, we can proactively protect our planet, while at the same time fostering kind interactions with all other beings, humans, plants, and animals alike. Common acts of altruism and responsibility help us transcend the ordinary and contribute substantially to the development of our higher Selves, thereby nurturing our souls. Through compassionate and loving acts toward others, negative feelings of hatred, inadequacy and jealousy will dissipate from inside us as they do not have a place within our divine being.

As such, we encourage you to become involved in a sustainable activity to promote and broaden our environmental consciousness, and kindly educate those from whom one of the true purposes in life and a sense of personal fulfillment, has been lost. It is never too late to sow the seeds and reap the goodness our blessed Earth offers us unconditionally.

By way of example, with over tree billion plastic bags produced and discarded, the small act of bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery and convenient stores can make a monumental difference.

Become the Catalyst for Change that you were meant to be!

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